Why Choose PAM-GLOBAL?


  Non Combustıble

PAM Global pipes and fittings defined as “non-combustible” in DIN 4102.


Strong abrasion resistant and smooth inner layer makes the flow perfect

  Easy Assembly

Couplings are equipped with elastomer gaskets ensuring flexible assembly and water tightness

  Acoustıc Insulatıon

The quietest system on the market, ensuring a noise-free environment according to DIN 4109 and VDI 4100

  Long-lasting Material

Thanks to its ready lining and outer coating PAM-Global is a long-lasting material with esthetic apperance.


Resistant to impacts, durability which is far beyond the terms of EN 877


Manufactured entirely from recycled raw materials: scrap iron and cast iron. 100% recyclable-protecting natural resources


Low coefficient thermal expansion is nearly the same as the concrete. So it’s perfectly useable inside of the concrete.
World Leader for
Cast iron drainage pipes and fittings