Complete and Compatible Product Range

Pipes, couplings, fittings, accessories: PAM-Global, together with coatings and couplings offers a wide range of products that maintain in the same quality line.


PAM-Global waste water piping systems consist of pipes (generally 3 meters long) and fittings (branches, bends etc.). Each PAM-Global wastewater product group targets characteristic applications and provides optimal safety and durability for the users.


PAM-Global cast iron piping systems are connected to each other by mechanical metal clamps by transmission method. The clamps are equipped with rubber seals to guarantee stretch and water impermeability.Stainless steel clamps with different functions are available and standard EPDM or NBR seals can be used.When high pressure load resistance is required, pressure clamps or threaded connection clamps are recommended.


Increase the Process Performance and Optimize Assembling Ease

The aim of the design phase of PAM-Global pipes is to make the cast iron products lighter and facilitate the installation of the site and to improve the safety of the installer. All this adds to the goal of reducing damage to the environment, while reducing raw material and energy consumption, product quality is optimized. Furthermore, the fact that PAM-Global cast iron pipes can be cut exactly in the desired length makes the installation process considerably easier. Thanks to innovations from the centrifugal casting process, the durability has been preserved while the profiles and weights of the cast iron pipes have been optimized for the last 20 years. For example, DN 100 diameter pipes are 10 kg lighter, which means more productivity on site.