PAM MULTIQUICK, transitional connector

Pipes can be connected to PAM-GLOBAL® pipes with outer diameters of 109-112 mm (tolerance range of PAM-GLOBAL® DN 100 pipe) from different materials with outer diameters of 110-72 mm. PAM-GLOBAL® pipes with outer diameters of 109-112 mm can be connected to old type cast iron pipes (LNA-GA) with a maximum outer diameter of 115 mm. The connection comes with two helical threaded clamps of equal size for large diameters.


The MULTIQUICK connector is passed over the open tube and the helical thread clamp is placed at a predetermined depth. The helical gear clamp is tightly connected in the same position. The closed surface is then cut with a knife; in other words, shortened in accordance with the diameter of the pipe to be connected. Thus, the connection is shortened to the desired step. The second helical gear clamp is then placed over the MULTIQUICK link. The pipe to be connected is inserted into the MULTIQUICK and tightened with a helical gear clamp at a predetermined depth. Care should also be taken to ensure that the sealing areas (fittings and pipe ends) are clean and smooth. Cement residues or paint residues should be thoroughly cleaned with emery paper. Finally, the helix gear clamp is manually tightened with a screwdriver to prevent damage to the MULTIQUICK.