Quality Certifications

Quality Certifications

Complete and compatible pipes, couplings, fittings and accessories: PAM-GLOBAL® offers a comprehensive range of products. Combined with coatings and couplings the PAM-GLOBAL® range builds consistent pipe systems benefiting from the outstanding robust properties of cast iron.


ISO, International Standards

ISO 9001 certification is the recognition by a third party (accredited organization) that the quality management system of the company fully complies with the standard’s requirements.

It is recognized in more than 70 countries. It covers such company activitiesas quality control, R&D, production technologies, company organization and customer service.


The certificate of compliance proves that the company has a global approach to minimize the impact made to the environment throughout manufacturing process: Guidelines for improvement, action plans and better follow-up procedures.

PAM-GLOBAL® cast iron elements are made from 95% of metal scrap and are 100% recyclable; thus, the impact on environment is really minimized.


EN 877 Standards

The European standard EN 877 “Cast iron pipes and fittings, their joints and accessories for the evacuation of water from buildings” , known to be the most demanding standard worldwide, sets up technical specifications as well as test methods and quality control.

This leads to:

  • Mechanical performances
  • Respect of dimensions
  • Special requirements on couplings
  • Efficient traceability of production sites.

Voluntary Quality Mark GEG RAL-GZ 698

Being self-declared, EN 877 is only proved when third party validated on all criteria and periodically tested.

Recognized quality mark, GEG (GütezeichenEntwasserungstechnikGuss) has set forth a list of testing criteria and quality requirements far exceeding those included in EN 877. Meeting all these requirements is the first and foremost condition to obtain a RAL-GEG marking. Third-party inspections are carried out by MPA-NRW twice a year.

For Construction Products, reaction to fire is assessed on the basis of standardized tests and described in a EUROCLASS classification. For complete ranges – pipes, fittings, couplings and accessories SAINT GOBAIN PAM has obtained the excellent EUROCLASS ranking: A1 now mentioned on the products.

EUROCLASS being based on test methods and a classification harmonized throughout Europe, the scoring can be used to compare materials and product performances you specify.


CE Marking

To allow free circulation of industrial products within the European Union, while guaranteeing the safety of European consumers and users of the products, construction products must meet essential requirements covering public health, safety and consumer protection.

Based on EN 877, CE marking became mandatory on cast iron wastewater products leaving the European factory, from 2009 September the 1st.

Do not hesitate to compare the reaction to fire classifications of the materials you specify.

Remember that CE marking is not a Quality mark or label. Its scope is limited to health and operation safety. It is intended mainly for the authorities in charge of market control.